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Breeding Beltex

Purebred Beltex semen artificially inseminated into Coopworth ewes making the elite Coopworth-Beltex cross.

Last year we decided to try something new. After looking at new ways to increase our Coopworths musculature and meat yield we decided to artificially inseminate purebred Beltex (Belgian Texel) semen into some of our top stud and commercial ewes. Our goal was to produce a terminal sire cross bred sheep to complement our already meaty FE tolerant Coopworth ewes. We carefully selected semen from proven Beltex sires from imported embryo transfers.

We believe that up to 50% Beltex cross along with careful selection through performance recording will result in a very useful new cross to improve lamb production. By crossing purebred Beltex semen with our easy care Coopworth ewes we have avoided the known challenges faced overseas of purebred Beltex birthing.

Some obvious benefits we have already seen in the Coopworth-Beltex crosses are efficient dense animals with superb muscling and weight gain, tidier tails at docking, improved dag scores, minimal wool on head, neck and breeches.

We have only 15 Coopworth-Beltex crosses for sale. If you are interested please contact us ASAP as we are expecting quick sales.

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